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Cart Life

Hits iPhone

We've got exciting news for all the mobile entrepreneurs out there! Your favourite retail simulation game, Cart Life, has just expanded its marketplace. After conquering the hearts of iPad users, we're thrilled to announce that Cart Life is now available on iPhone too!

Whether you're on the go or just lounging at home, managing your virtual business has never been easier. With the iPhone's convenient size and powerful capabilities, you can now take your cart wherever life takes you.

What's New?
• Optimised for iPhone: Enjoy the full Cart Life experience with an interface designed specifically for your iPhone.
• Exclusive Features: Discover new items, and challenges.

Get ready to experience the hustle and bustle of Cart Life in the palm of your hand. Download it today from the App Store and start building your empire!

Stay tuned for more updates, and don't forget to share your success stories with us using #CartLife.

Happy selling!

Andrus Poder

About Cart Life

A Retail Simulator for iOS

Cart Life was originally created by Richard Hofmeier back in May 2011. It was designed on a grayscale pixel-grid, with minimal detail, to better allow the player to deduct the mood of each of the characters. The player would assume the role of one of three street vendors, and attempt to run their stand, hut or cart whilst looking after their health, interests, and families...

Andrus Poder

Cart Life

Brought back to life

Cart Life is back! In this release Andrus is playable, with Melanie and Vinny coming soon. Who do you want to see next?

Cart Life is an indie, retro, 8-bit, role-playing game for iPad, brought back to life by Elliott McAllister.

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Elliott McAllister

Reviving the classics for the modern era, I'm the developer behind the reimagined 'Cart Life' on the App Store. Merging nostalgia with innovation, I bring beloved gaming experiences to your fingertips.


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